Weather statistics San Francisco, California, USA

Current forecast , San Francisco  
Weather San Francisco, average temperatures by months Weather San Francisco, average number of days with precipitation by months
average min. max.  precip.
 January  10.6°C  7.7°C  13.5°C  8 
 February  12.4°C  9.3°C  15.6°C  7 
 March  12.7°C  9.4°C  16.0°C  8 
 April  13.3°C  9.9°C  16.7°C  4 
 May  13.7°C  10.3°C  17.1°C  1 
 June  14.7°C  11.4°C  17.8°C
 July  15.1°C  11.9°C  18.1°C
 August  15.6°C  12.6°C  18.7°C
 September  16.8°C  13.3°C  20.4°C  1 
 October  16.7°C  12.9°C  20.4°C  2 
 November  14.0°C  10.9°C  17.1°C  7 
 December  10.9°C  8.3°C  13.6°C  9 

Current forecast , San Francisco

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